Haliburton Sculpture Forest

Time in Haliburton always has special meaning. Who I am has been influenced by the time I spent there.

My good friend Joe invited me up to his cottage in Haliburton on the weekend of July 25th. Despite the overcast, wet weather on Saturday, we decided to check out events in the village and then walk around the Haliburton Sculpture Forest in Glebe Park.

Throughout the walk I kept my eye out for an area set aside to commemorate Ben Davis, a close family friend who passed away in 2014. A big part of Ben’s heart and soul was in Haliburton. In fact, I credit Ben, along with his wife Pat, with introducing my mother and father to the idea of cottage life in Haliburton. The rest, as they say, is history.

The commemorative area for Ben was to be augmented with trees honouring my mother who passed away back on April 14th this year. We couldn’t find anything, but I’ll keep checking the Haliburton Sculpture Forest every time I’m up in that very special part of the world. That’s one of the nice (and sometimes frustrating) things about Haliburton. Nothing happens very quickly up there.

In the meantime, it’s always really pleasant to walk the Haliburton Sculpture Forest path to see the work of the sculptors of Fleming College.