Technical Writing

Patent: Inter-RAN Spectrum Optimizer

Ethernet’s Path to Ubiquity

Fiber Optic Panel

Ethernet: Seamless Connectivity

Hydro Wires and Insulators

Network Architecture Considerations for Smart Grid

Ethernet Rack with Cat5e Terminations

Transparent Ethernet Solutions

Clouds on Blue Sky

Cloud Computing & the Network Operator

Dark Clouds

Forecast: Increasing Cloudiness

Clouds Opening Up To Blue Sky

Cloud Computing Defined

Clouds From Airplane

Cloud Computing Series

Digital Television Yields to Broadband Wireless Access

Maximizing Economies of Scale in DTV Transmission Systems

Monopole Cell Towers

Company Submission: Canadian Digital Economy

Tablet and Smartphone

New Terms for a New Reality

Monopole Cell Towers

Response to Globe & Mail Article on Rural Broadband in Canada

Arial View of Airport

RF ID Opportunities in Airport Security & Logistics

Fiber Optic Panel

Hybrid DTV Broadcast & 4G Base Station Integration

Cellular Network Topology Diagram

Developing a Smart Grid Communications Infrastructure


WireIE and UOIT Release Collaborative Smart Grid White Paper

Tim Brown Headshot

WireIE Delivers Smart Grid Presentation at EUCI Conference

Hydro Wires and Insulators

Practical Considerations for Smart Grid

WiMAX Logo

Delivering on the Promise of WiMAX

CKVR Broadcast Tower

WiMAX Opportunities in the Broadcast Environment

DTV Rooftop Antenna

Pulling Digital Television Out of Thin Air

Digital Radio Receiver

Digital Radio at the Border