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Tim Brown


Over the decades, I’ve had the good fortune of working on the technological infrastructure that supports our digital world.

Those years in mobile telecommunications and information technology taught me a fundamental lesson. Staying focused on business requirements inevitably results in successful technological outcomes. Over-featuring and over-complicating for technology’s sake does nothing but reduce value. Instead, my commitment is to build solutions that meet or exceed your operational objectives and in doing so, deliver a positive user experience at a cost you will be pleased with.


Many businesses now recognize the strategic importance of having a technical resource with a cohesive skill set in both IT and digital media creation. The technical and business foundation I bring supports my college certification in web design, along with hundreds of hours of additional formal training and applied skill development in digital media creation and publishing.

I have an unwavering interest in technology development. As such, I always have my finger on the pulse of the industry as it’s cycle of continuous improvement moves forward.


Being cost-competitive is a strategic differentiator I bring in cultivating a long term business relationship with you. I also offer a number of payment options that accommodate the realities of the small business owner and solopreneur.


Let’s Talk

I invite you to a free, no obligation conversation. I’m keen to learn about where you want to go with technology, along with what could be getting in your way.